Undertake construction and contracting to make custom constructions.
Construction works of public and private public institutions and organizations, such as tunnels, ports, factories, roads, bridges, embankments, dams, dwellings, administrative buildings, public institutions and service buildings, concrete, asphalt, highway, port buildings, commercial inns, commercial buildings buildings, workshops, workshops and all kinds of mass housing, cooperative dwellings, roads and railways, airports, stations, bus stations, parking lots, garages, bazaar shops, market offices, hotels, motels, villas, pensions, hospitals, mosques, dispensaries, public health facilities such as health centers, first aid facilities and similar public buildings, resorts, school construction, training centers, student dormitories, ponds and piers, tourist accommodation, flight tracks, sporting and complementary facilities and oil, natural gas pipelines, canal drinking water , water channels, drainage facilities, irrigation and sewage works to make the construction, to make commitments.
Construction of Facilities
Complete construction and assembly works of factories and facilities, oil pipelines, other pipelines, high and low voltage electrical installations, power transmission lines, telephone, telegraph and other havi transmission lines construction and installation works, repair, change and restoration works, .
Construction Materials Buying and Selling
Manufacturing, trading, import and export of construction materials (iron, steel, copper, nails, aluminum and its products, bricks, fire bricks, tiles, gypsum, cement, tiles, ceramics, marley etc.). All kinds of iron, steel, copper, nails, aluminum and products used in construction works, bricks, fire bricks, roof tiles, lime, woodwork, plaster, cement, fired sand, marble, mosaic, tiles, ceramics, vitrified, marley, parquet, armature , PVC pipes and joining parts, clean water and joining parts, insulation materials, wallpaper, paint, bathroom and kitchen accessories, ready doors, stairs and all electrical materials to buy, sell, import and export to do. Production, wholesale, sale, distribution, import and export of all kinds of products and materials related to rubber, rubber and plastic profiles and profiles.
Plastic Machinery and Raw Materials
Wholesale purchase, sale, distribution, import and export of plastic molds and machines. Manufacture, wholesale of plastic utensils such as basin, bucket, can and other plastic containers such as plates, forks, spoons, cups, buttermilk and yogurt containers, water containers, food and beverage containers, bottles, lids and similar made of powder, granules or sheet plastic to sell, distribute, import and export. Production, wholesale, distribution, import and export of plastic articles used in agriculture and agriculture such as hoses, covers, tarpaulins, pipes, valves, joints, irrigation systems, gutters, elbows, screws, plastic wire braids made of plastic. Wholesale, sale, distribution, import and export of all kinds of plastics, joinery, doors, windows, mosquito nets, decoration and ornaments, table and chair made of plastic related to construction industry and houses. Wholesale, wholesale, distribution, import and export of raw, finished and semi-finished products of all kinds of plastic products. INTERMEDIATE WHOLESALERS SALE OF HARDWARE (NALBURIYE) ITEMS AND HAND TOOLS BASED ON A FEE OR CONTRACT