Furniture and Decoration
Furniture and decoration materials, wood and metal office and home furniture, all kinds of kitchen cabinets and kitchen decoration works, bedrooms, living rooms, dining room, young room, armchair, table and chair and all kinds of furniture manufacturing, purchase, sale, marketing , to import and export. Performing furniture decoration works of all kinds of facilities and making commitments.
Domestic and International
Domestic and abroad all kinds of wooden stairs, wooden stair railing, wooden home and workplace products, all kinds of wood products on the manufacture, marketing, internal trade to do.
Material Import
The company buys and sells all kinds of furniture polish materials, performs all kinds of furniture polishing, imports furniture polish.
Exhibition Stands
To make the stands of fairs, exhibitions, demonstrations and similar promotional and exhibition spaces in Turkey and abroad. Again to make renovation and decoration of these spaces.
Importation and exportation
To purchase, sell, import and export all kinds of forest products and products necessary for furniture production.