Tourism Construction
Hotel, motel, camping, pension, holiday village, rest houses, thermal station, beach, patisserie, restaurant, cafeteria, tea garden, coffee houses, hookah halls, accommodation, rest, sightseeing, entertainment, food and beverage places, complete touristic facilities, swimming pool, hammam, sauna, tourist areas, car parks, water sports, winter sports, extreme sports, mountain tourism, spa tourism, indoor and outdoor sports halls, nightclub mountain, sea and other water sports and entertainments rafting, water skiing, swimming and this may rent, rent, lease, take over, transfer, build, or buy, sell other mountain and water sports activities in the area and the facilities and businesses required for these activities, It can operate.
Law No. 1618
Obtaining agency certificate in accordance with the Travel Agencies Law No. 1618, establishing a tourism agency in Turkey and abroad, accommodating domestic and foreign tourists and arranging tours.
Domestic and International
The Company may establish, operate, transfer and take over travel agencies in order to provide tourism services at home and abroad, establish branches of previously established agencies, operate domestic and foreign tourism organizations, organize sightseeing tours and organize such tours organized by other travel agencies. can sell tickets for the tours, make reservations for them and make them, make consultancy services on passenger transportation by road, tour and guidance services, transportation, accommodation and subject, make reservations, purchase and sell tickets for land, sea and air transportation vehicles.
All kinds of tourism related bikes, motorcycles, renting out cars, renting. -To make or make land transportation and transfer operations necessary for the provision of tourism services in Turkey and abroad. - Organizing national and international artistic organizations. to engage in activities in these areas. Organize comprehensive artistic and scientific activities and organizations with painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, film, graphics, music and crafts.